Top 10 most popular cocktails

July 21, 2023

When you’re heading out for pre-theatre dinner and a show with a partner or friends, a cocktail can make the occasion feel even more special. Whether you love fruity and refreshing flavours, the aromatic nature of bitters or something smoky, cocktails add a little fun and a splash of indulgence to a night out. Here are ten of the UK’s favourite cocktails, and what to expect when you order them.


According to Google search data, the tequila-based Margarita is the most-searched cocktail in the UK, and with good reason. It’s a perfectly balanced drink with a strong citrus flavour thanks to the lime juice and triple sec, bitterness from the tequila and a salty touch.


A classic Martini is not the best choice for a beginner because of its strong taste, which is primarily of gin and its juniper flavours. The addition of vermouth brings a dry and slightly sweet note, while the olive garnish delivers a touch of salt.


The Mojito is another popular choice and makes for a perfect aperitif before you tuck into your pre-theatre food. With a rum base, it has a refreshing flavour thanks to the inclusion of lime and mint, and the addition of sugar brings a pleasantly sweet note.


Bitter with a fruity sweetness, the Negroni is made with gin, vermouth and Campari, and has a complex taste. The gin brings herbaceous and juniper favours, while the vermouth adds sweetness and the Campari delivers the bitterness. It’s a strong cocktail for those who like fuller flavours.


Sweet and refreshing, the Cosmopolitan is vodka-based with triple sec, cranberry juice and lime juice all adding a zingy, fruity flavour. It’s an elegant option for a pre-dinner drink and ideal for those who don’t like their cocktails too strong.

Pina Colada

A rich, thick cocktail with tropical flavours, the Pina Colada has a base of white rum and tastes of pineapple and coconut. It has a smoothie-like texture and is best served over ice – perfect for a summer afternoon or evening.

Old Fashioned

With a whisky base and the addition of bitters, the Old Fashioned has a strong taste and a complex flavour profile. Notes of orange, spice and caramel are complemented by the sweetness of a sugar cube dissolved in the drink. It’s a great option for a cooler day thanks to the warming bitters.

Aperol Spritz

Light and refreshing with an aromatic, citrusy taste, Aperol Spritz is a popular choice for an aperitif. Subtle sweetness from the Prosecco base complements the zesty orange and herbal notes of the Aperol, while the soda water adds an effervescent quality.

Long Island Iced Tea

The Long Island Iced Tea is famously strong, combining vodka, tequila, gin and light rum with triple sec, lemon juice and a splash of cola. The lemon juice gives the spirits a zesty tang, while the cola adds some bitterness. If you like your drinks to pack a punch, this is the cocktail for you.


A simple yet freshly delicious drink, the Daiquiri is made with white rum, lime juice and a little bit of sugar syrup to add some sweetness. It’s traditionally served without ice and best recommended for those who enjoy strong cocktails with a hint of sweetness.

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