Criteria for choosing the right restaurant

June 30, 2023

Whether you’re heading out for a pre-theatre dinner or celebrating a special occasion, the restaurant you choose will shape the whole feel of your evening. It’s not just about the food, after all. Service, ambience and location all play a part. So if you’re wondering where to eat, here are six things to consider when choosing a restaurant.


If you’re having a meal before a show or other entertainment, it’s wise to choose a restaurant that’s nearby. After all, you don’t want to be dashing across town from one place to another. Many venues have a restaurant on their premises, just like our very own Studio Five Restaurant which is located within Troubadour Theatre in Wembley Park. Or you can look for the best restaurants in Wembley if you want to see what else is on offer and ensure it’s not too far from the theatre.


Every restaurant has a different ambience, so try to get an idea of the ‘look and feel’ of a restaurant so you choose one that fits the occasion and your preferences. If it’s a casual affair, you might want to go for a relaxed ambience with music and a busy, vibrant feel. If you’re treating someone special, you may prefer a quieter, more sophisticated atmosphere.


Nowadays we can find almost everything we need to know about a restaurant online. Once you have a shortlist of potential places, take a look at their menus to see if the food appeals. Again, the occasion may dictate what you want – a birthday or anniversary dinner warrants a sumptuous three course meal, while lunch with friends is more likely to involve familiar classics such as burgers or fish and chips. And if you’re vegan, you’ll want to make sure they cater to this.


While you’re looking at the reviews of your shortlisted restaurants or Googling ‘best places to eat Wembley’ for example, to find the top listed eateries, you can see what others say about the quality of the food, and in particular the service, as this can make or break a restaurant experience. Even the most fabulous meal can be ruined by slow or poor service, so be sure to do your research on this before booking a table. 


If you’re choosing a restaurant on the fly after a day out, have a drink first and check the place seems clean. Are the tables wiped down and the glasses sparkling? Is the washroom well kept? If you’re unsure it may be wise to find somewhere else to have your meal. You can also check the hygiene rating – most restaurants have this on display.


In the current economic climate, value is important for many people. If you only have a certain amount to spend, choose a restaurant that suits your budget or look for deals such as two courses for a set price. Many restaurant menus display their prices so you’ll see exactly what you’re getting for your money. Of course, if money isn’t an object, you may wish to look for Michelin starred or AA rosette restaurants.

If you’re looking for the best restaurants near Wembley for a pre or post-theatre meal, book a table at Studio Five Restaurant, our restaurant is located within the Troubadour Wembley Park Theatre. We offer bold dishes and a relaxed atmosphere – perfect for lunch or dinner, whether it’s before or after a show or just to enjoy a delicious meal.

Main header image by Jay Wennington on Unsplash

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